Repair Services
  1. Hardware Install / Repair
    Hardware Install / Repair
    Video or sound not working? We repair hardware problems with systems including broken screens. Need a memory upgrade or new hard drive? We can install new hardware into your system and verify the hardware is working with your operating system.
  2. Operating System Install/Repair
    Operating System Install/Repair
    We have a three tier system for fixing your system. The first tier is a basic OS install. We reinstall the operating system that came with your system. Tier two is the install with all updates and needed software. Tier three is an OS recovery. This is done so you don’t loose any precious data on your system. Call or come in for pricing.
  3. Spyware and Virus Removal
    Spyware and Virus Removal
    Have a virus or spyware? We run special removal tools to clean your system off. If you do not have virus or spyware protection we will install your choice of software to protect your system. After we install the software we update the software so you have the current virus and spyware patterns.
  4. Computer Tune-Up
    Computer Tune-Up
    System running slow? We will perform a computer tune-up that includes optimizing your computer for performance. We remove unwanted software and make sure your system is virus and spyware free. We also clean the exterior of your system and use compressed air to remove debris from fans and the interior of your system.
  5. Data Recovery / Back-Up and Transfer
    Data Recovery / Back-Up and Transfer
    Hard drive crash? We perform data recovery on crashed drives and media. Generally if the media is not damaged to severely we can recover your documents and photos. We also perform back-up and data transfer services. If you need data moved from one system to another or just want to save your data we can help. Call or come in for pricing