Outlet Tek CARE
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Better protect your computer.
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What is Outlet Tek CARE?
Outlet Tek CARE is a lightweight application that lets us monitor your computer’s health, so we can proactively solve your issues before they become a pain. Stuff is going to happen to your computer that puts it at risk or requires attention, like viruses, new software updates or data breaches. CARE alerts you to potential problems so you can get in touch with us anytime you need help.

CARE is only avaliable for Windows based machines.
Apple support is being planned for future software revisions.


CARE is a lightweight application that is installed on your computer and runs in the background with minimal to no impact on your computer’s speed or performance.

If you’d like, this product can also help us proactively monitor and fix issues on your computer when they arise. I’d be happy to tell you about the monthly packages we offer.
It monitors for potential problems so you can pass it off to us before it becomes a real pain for you. You’ll get a simple notification if a problem arises, and easily be able to get in touch with us using CARE, if you’d like.
  1. CARE CORE - Free
    CARE CORE includes: 1) Monitoring your computer for issues and 2) Desktop notifications to alert you to an issue so you can quickly request service. We offer this package at no charge to our customers.
  2. CARE Monitoring $7.50/Month
    CARE Monitoring includes everything from the CORE package, plus Tech Monitoring, Windows update management, patch management for software and we are notified automatically of any issues that arise on your computer.
  3. CARE Antivirus $10/Month
    CARE Antivirus lets us watch out for any harmful viruses that are trying to hurt your computer so it stays secure, and remove any viruses when they arise. Powered by EMSISOFT Antivirus.
  4. CARE Monitoring & AV $17.50/month
    CARE Monitoring & AV gives you the best of both worlds. This package includes 24/7 monitoring and managed Antivirus. This package is a combination of the CARE Monitoring and Care Antivirus plans.
  5. CARE PLUS $29.99/Month
    The CARE PLUS package is the CARE Monitoring & AV package with the addition of remote servicing. With this package we will remote into your system if a problem arises. Our 1 time remote service is $30. This is a steal!