Fraud Alert

Here at Outlet Tek we are committed to our customers.  We are dedicated to protecting you, your data and our reputation.  We have recently heard from numerous customers about other providers on the internet and companies in the foothills and valley providing services to consumers and companies.   Beware of internet scams and companies offering services.  The State of California regulates these types of companies and they must be registered with the state.  Outlet Tek believes in transparency and wants consumers to be well informed.  Weather you use our service, or another company be sure they are a legal company.  We have attached links to state registration look-up sites to verify the legality of companies.  The California Department of Consumer Affairs registers companies to ensure you the consumer are protected, and the proper laws are adhered to. 

Most customers are not aware that a computer shop must provide a written estimate before work can be done per section 9844 of the California Business and Professions Code.  Outlet Tek not only provides this but under the disclaimer on all estimates this is stated.
California Department of Consumer Affairs
Electronic Dealer License Look-up
Sellers Permit and E-waste Look-up
License Requirements
Outlet Tek License Info
California Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair - #90601
California Sellers Permit - #102-501365
California E-Waste - #093-074261
Calaveras County Business License - #15212